Old Soul Sign Co. is a small scale sign shop located in Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in hand painted signage and gold leaf lettering. 

Hand painted signage is somewhat of a lost art. In the 1980s, folks figured out how to use computers to cut out vinyl. At that point, any person who could figure out software, could open a sign shop. However, this took the art and craftsmanship out of the industry. Due to that, a lot of businesses look the same nowadays. 

Our mission is to provide customers with unique, effective, and beautiful signage which makes their business stand out from the norm. We take pride in our work and in a lot of cases, go above and beyond just to make ourselves proud of what we created. We have heart behind our work. If you decide on a hand painted sign or gilded lettering, there is no doubt that you will be happy with we create for you.

This company was established by Alan Giberson, who had found lettering as a hobby. After really getting into the craftsmanship behind it, learning through old books and travelling far for seminars and workshops, he opened up his own shop on the west side of Cleveland.